Meet the Team

Elderflower Farm is made up of a small team.

Rachel owns Elderflower Farm and is the creative mind behind it. Rachel is both a qualified Horticulturalist and a qualified Florist. Rach has owned several businesses over the years and managed many others.

Fred (Rachel's husband) can be seen working in the field and is the go to for anything which needs to be built or fixed.

Esther is a qualified Horticulturalist and is the Elderflower farm trainee. Esther brings a love of all things plants (especially pretty ones) as well as business and retail experience.

Stacey is a qualified Florist and has many years experience in creating bespoke arrangements for all kinds of events.

Jo is the creative behind the shops visual merchandising. She has fabulous vision and an eye for detail that helps bring our farm shop to life.

Elderflower Farm also has several volunteers to help maintain different aspects of the business.

  • The boss

    Rachel Watkins - Owner of Elderflower Farm, chief creative, flower whisperer and floristry mastermind.

  • One half of the team

    Esther (left), Rachel (middle), and Stacey (right) displaying their bespoke focal feature for the launch of Eat Local Week 2022.

  • Part man, part machine.

    Fred Watkins is a quiet achiever, hard working Mr fix it. The machine that keeps Elderflower Farm functioning as you see it.

  • Jo & Rach

    Jo (left) and Rachel (right) with a bespoke arrangement for Eat Local Week 2022.

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