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Frequently Asked Questions

Opening Days/Times

The shop and flower field is open to the public every Thursday to Sunday from 8.30am - 4pm.
We will publish on Instagram and Facebook if we are closed at any time due to an event or natural disaster.

Can I walk in the flower field?

The flower field is always open for you to enjoy wandering in on our open days, within opening hours.  The only time it will usually be closed is during and following natural disasters. We will publish on Instagram and Facebook if we are closed for any period of time.

Can I pick my own flowers?

Flower picking is available at the farm, however, it is seasonal. It is dependent on many factors such as weather, seasonal growth and our own  floristry requirements.
Check out our socials to keep up to date. Rach posts every Wednesday during flower picking seasons to advise as to whether flower picking is going ahead for the coming weekend.

Please go here for up coming picking days, info and bookings.

Wedding Flowers

Elderflower Farm is not currently offering wedding flowers.

Cafe Bookings

The cafe is a separate business to Elderflower Farm. For all cafe enquiries and bookings, please go to Scenic Rim Farm Shop and Cafe.

How much is admission?

It's free to come and visit our flowers. We do ask that people be respectful of the flower field and supervise kids well while in the field. 


Our workshops are usually held on weekends during our operating hours (Thursday - Sunday, 8:30am - 4pm).
For Workshop info and bookings visit our Workshops page. Please contact us if you would like to enquire about a private group booking.


Elderflower Farm is a boutique flower farm. Throughout the season we may have excess flowers available for wholesale.
This is seasonal and dependent on our own commitments.
At present we can offer our Flori-pops and other Elderflower Farm branded products for limited wholesale. Please contact us with any enquiries.

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